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The “DREAM” Program was started twelve years ago to bring the community together to honor Dr. King through the talents of our young people. I was asked by Lourdes Swarts, President of the Pennsylvania Family Coalition to develop a program that we could present annually. After some serious thought, I contacted Kelly Summerford whom I knew had the knowledge of the Arts and the experience to produce a delightful show. Curtis Andrews, I knew, had a wonderful musical background. Mr. Summerford became the Creative Director and Mr. Andrews became Musical Director. then“DREAM” was born.

The “
DREAM” vision: to encourage young people interested in the Arts, and mentor them in doing volunteer work in the community – was adopted and the rest, as they say, is history.

When you see the word, DREAM, think about the qualities whose initial letters spell the word:  Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Arts and Motivation – DREAM. When you see the word, DREAM, also think, dance, reading, excellence, attitude, and music – helping others and building confidence. Put it all together and we have a day of celebration, a day of doing good things for others.

This is a day that inspires and moves us as we honor the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

                                         Phyllis Irene Bennett

History of DREAM